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14 and 18 year old dating law Is it okay for a 14 year girl old to date an 18 year old boy?

I've known him for a long time now and he's really sweet and nice. We go to the same church and his family knows my family very well. I understand that most people would say that it's not okay because he might take advantage of me. That's completely untrue we both have values and we both recognize that having sex before marriage is wrong. I'm very advanced for my age so we don't necessarily have any maturity problems. My question is would it be okay if we dated without sex? How do you feel about it?

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He's going to go to college but he wants to be a preacher. I'm graduating in three years instead of four and I also want to go to college and then medical school to become an oncologist.
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That you said "dating without sex", I think it is OK. Be sure that that the two of you do not put yourselves in a position where you are alone together. Date in groups or meet in public places. Even though he sounds like a good man and wouldn't take advantage of you, you shouldn't put each other in a position of temptation or where people might suspect something sinister is going on. Has he said he is willing to wait four years? Does he plan to go off to college? Do you? Not to be buzz kill but are you going the same places in life? Do you have the same goals? Just some things to ask yourselves before getting too emotionally involved. I wish you the best.
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In many states, the 18 year old is playing with jailbait as that's an adult, beyond the often accepted Romeo and Juliet allowance of minors dating each other being acceptable.

It's not a good idea.
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I think the best people to ask this question to are your parents. If you're not comfortable asking them, perhaps you're not 100% sure about it yourself either. I don't see why "just dating" should be a problem if you really feel strongly about each other. But the most important thing would probably be to be open to both families, so there won't be awkward situations later on.
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I'm going to say no.  This is not a healthy relationship for either of you.

He's a man.  You're a child. 

Regardless of whether a sexual relationship exists, this relationship, outside of fond friendship, skips over several stages of your developing social and emotional maturity.

And then there's the perspective of looking at the man who wants to date a child.  It's one thing if what we see is a mentor and a mentee, without any kind of romantic involvement or interest whatsoever.  It's quite another if a romantic element is present, and coming from the man.

Even 4 years from now, you will only be entering adulthood and starting college, while he will be beginning a career.  The gap in life stages  between you doesn't start closing for a decade.

A friendship between you, absent of any commitment that restricts your choices or activities, to which neither of you devotes more than a small measure of your time and attention, is fine.  Anything other than that just isn't healthy for either of you.
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That depends on what "date" means. Dating usually connotes some sort of romantic or intimate interest. By that definition it is not okay. It may be against the law and is probably not going to work out well anyway.

That said, these days the maturity and responsibility of many 18 year-olds is not much different than 14 year-olds.
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