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As someone who is almost 19, there is no way I would date a fourteen year old.  There's several things to consider here.

Life stages.  A fourteen year old is going to be a freshman in high school (at most).  That means they graduated from eighth grade last year.  I am starting my second year of college in the fall.  I have graduated high school, gotten my driver's license, lived away from my family for a year, and managed a year of college academics.  I have changed so much in my first year of college.  I can't expect a fourteen year old to understand this when they haven't even started high school.  Not to mention, both parties are presumably going to have two very different friend groups.  It's not fair to either the fourteen year old or the nineteen year old. There is such a difference between even the most mature fourteen year old and your average nineteen year old.

The law.  In many states, the age of consent is 16 (this is assuming you're in the United States).  This means that if your relationship is sexual, the nineteen year old could be arrested for statuary rape.  I'm going to guess this is not something you want to happen.

Maturity.  Any nineteen year old who goes after fourteen year olds is probably not someone you want to be dating.

The future.  A nineteen year old is managing their college career and looking toward the future.  A fourteen year old probably hasn't considered where they're going to college. This is why age gaps don't usually work out for younger people.


It can work out!  Live life, date other people, enjoy high school, go to college and if in five or so years you run into that former nineteen-year-old, that five year age gap won't matter so much.  A twenty-two year old and a twenty-seven year old have much more in common than a fourteen year old and a nineteen year old.  My parents have a twelve year age gap and they've been married for over twenty years.
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In the circle of friends I was with in college, this was very common. That being said, I want to introduce some of the potential pitfalls of this kind of relationship that many of my friends got to experience:

1) The Law. Please be very aware that relationships between people who are legally minors and people who are legally adults get regulated by a body of law that varies widely. Understand that you may be exposing your significant other to criminal prosecution and it isn't you who gets to decide weather or not he gets in trouble. Often times it's your parents. I saw at least one friend forced to break off a relationship with a younger girl when that girl's mother made it clear that if she saw him again she would involve the police.

2) Maturity. As gently as I can say it, the chances of you out growing your older significant other are high. You're in an age range where people grow up fast, and you're going to find that you change a great deal in the next four years.... your older partner, not so much. I've watched relationships end for exactly this reason.

3) Priorities and limits. You're 14 now. In 4 years, you'll be 18 and looking at going to college. Your partner will be 23 and looking to do... what? Start a family? Maybe, maybe not. Just be aware that at this age, the age gap can put you and your partner at significantly different points on your life / education / career paths and that may add some tension to your relationship.

4) My best friend, and the best man at my own wedding was 24 when he met and fell in love with a 17 year old girl. I watched him pack up his life and move 300 miles to stay with her while she completed her bachelor's degree. Five years later, at 29, he married her. They're now working on starting a family. It can work.

Only you can decide what to do with your feelings for an older partner. I suggest discussing it with your parents, with your partner's parents and I strongly suggest that you not have sex until you're older.
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Nope, you're 14. Do your homework and floss twice daily. You have your entire life to fall in love and date. Spend your time right now focusing on your education or volunteering your time for a good cause. Plus, it's illegal, so it would be better to not get the person you love thrown in jail and be a registered sex offender.
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When the 14 years old has a maturity of a 25 years old and the 19 years old has a maturity of a 14 years: it could happen and last 7 years. After the equilibrium is broken and the disparity is obvious .
I tell you that because I witness it trough a sibling . Of course . A lot of people were schocked .
But for me , nothing wrong , when you appear to know the personality of each of them.
Every story is different . The idea is unrealistic . The reality can be acceptable.
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I had a friend of mine who dated a girl who was still in school. He was dumb enough to get serious and she changed after a year !
What I am trying to say is that. Girls at that small age are confused. They don't know what they want. They would prefer you because you are elder and mature. But realize that it won't last long because when they grow up, their prefrences change.
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