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9 Answers
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This question intrigued me mostly because of the inherent assumptions.  I was hoping someone more informed than I would have an answer with interesting statistics, but since that is not the case yet, I will take a stab at it.  All of my facts are from the wikipedia entry Rencontre serieuse 63.

For every white male / black female marriage, there are 1.81 black male / white female marriages.  This is a significant different, but in 1981 the disparity was 3.71 to 1, so it is growing smaller.  One more interesting tidbit:  mixed couples with a black husband / white wife were twice as likely to end in divorce as a white/white marriage, but mixed couples with a white husband / black wife were 44% less likely to end in divorce.

Given those statistics, here are a few possible reasons for the discrepancy:
  1. Men in general prefer lighter-skinned women.  This would be due to cultural depictions of white and black women, which until recently have been pretty biased.  Today we have many attractive dark-skinned women songstresses and actresses, which may account for why the ratio is becoming more balanced over time.  People take their cues about what is attractive from popular media.
  2. Similar to the above, women in general may prefer darker-skinned men.
  3. Successful black men may marry white.
  4. The African American community may discourage dating white men.  This could be an unfortunate side effect of black pride, where the community feels entitled to insist black women marry only black men.
  5. White men and black women could have fewer opportunities to socialize than black men do with white women.

I feel confident predicting that the discrepancy will disappear in time.
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I think there may be several reasons:

White men are not socialized to date black women. If you look at movies and TV, you see white men paired up with Asian women, Hispanic women, Indian women, Middle Eastern women, really just about any race/ethnicity but black women. Black women are the one race that gets left out of the equation-when white men are looking for dating partners, because of this socialization as well as past racism, black women are simply not a consideration when white men are looking for mates. I am willing to concede, though, this may be the more the case with older white men than with younger ones-they came of age in society when whites and blacks were not permitted to mix or if they did, there were boundaries regarding when they could mix and who couldn't. Younger men who have gone to school and socialized more with black people, may not have this issue to the same degree.

White men are more likely to not be in a position where they would meet black women.  White men can go to colleges, participate in work environments, and socialize in places where there are few or no black women. That would limit the number of black women that would be available to date them.

Some black women will not date white men. Many black women prefer to have black husbands-they want black kids, they want a husband that has a shared culture with them, and they don't feel comfortable starting a romantic relationship with someone white.

Plain ol' racism. Yep, some white men will simply not date a black woman because they are bigotted.
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I have not married an African American woman, though I came awful close once. She left on an out of state job offer when our dating was just getting serious, I offered to follow, she declined, I repeated my offer, she kissed me on the cheek, hugged me and declined me again. My life would have taken a different path, perhaps much better, I don't know. However, I was serious with the offer even with no guarantees of marriage for me, I'd take care of myself if it hadn't worked out. She still refused.

The color of skin has never affected me as either a turn-on or turn-off. I can find beauty in most women. I did not have a 2nd date with one lady because she only dated white men to piss off her parents. It bothered me a lot for my skin color to be used that way. What happens when someday she doesn't feel the need to needle her parents so much? will she no longer be attracted to white guys? It bothered me that was the only reason, and that she gave it so openly.

I dated those who would date me which covered some ranges in ethnicity, though not all. I have always found that these factors mattered more to others than to me. I am older and not likely to do any dating anytime again, so I guess it's all moot for me. But I did come awful close. If she had let me follow, I likely would have married her, or at the very least asked, the rest would have been up to her.
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Relationship between dating marriage and family, I created an interracial dating site which lists top 10 interracial dating sites

White men date with black women is popular recent years, so many Shemale dating service and chatroom free are launching as more and more people are looking for an interracial relationship.  I think it's better to read some interracial dating tips from some top dating advice sites, you will know what the real interracial relationship means, you the tips will help you if you are serious about dating interracial people.

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In general, people tend to be attracted to people who are similar to them physically and socially.  It's not surprising that white men are generally attracted to white women.
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