Free gay sugar daddy dating sites uk 100% Free Sugar Daddy Sites: 3 Great Sites That are Totally Free for Sugar Babies

The very basic idea of sugar daddy dating is that the sugar baby should not have to pay for anything. So it only makes sense that the best sugar daddy sites should be absolutely, 100% free for all sugar babies.

Here is a list of the best of the free sugar daddy sites. They are 100% completely free for sugar babies. As they should be. Enjoy!


This is one of the largest, most established sugar dating sites with a membership of over 4 million members and growing. 

Membership is totally FREE for sugar babies so there’s no harm in signing up and checking it out.

Of course, free membership means more sugar baby competition so you will have your work cut out for you. 

That being said - despite the competition, it's still proved one of the best sugar dating sites to find Allowance Daddies.​ Site de frases amizade


Seeking Arrangement is a classic. Everyone who knows about sugar dating knows Seeking Arrangement, largely in part to its founder, Brandon Wade, who has been a pioneer of sorts in the world of sugar dating.

The infamy of this site definitely contributes to its vast membership base - as well as the fact that this site is 100% free for sugar babies. So yes, there will be some competition - 8 sugar babies for every 1 sugar daddy on the site - but this is the same for all free-for-sugar-babies websites.

So why should you still sign up despite the competition? Seeking Arrangement does background checks to make sure their sugar daddies are actual sugar daddies.  Add to that the fact that the sugar daddies on this site are as varied in their occupations and lifestyles as they are in their locations and preferences and the chance of you making the perfect arrangement on this site is very, very good. Ruski sayt znakomstv


True to its name, Sugar Daddy Meet is completely about connecting sugar babies with legitimate sugar daddies. 

This site's a little, ahem, older looking than the above and it sort of is - ​it's been around for more than 13 years. And they've taken their hard-earned experience and made Sugar DaddyMeet into one of the best, FREE sites for sugar babies. How?

Well, the site manually screens profiles and deletes fake sugar daddies and scammers so you don't need to waste your precious time weeding through the fakers yourself. Plus, they've got a large collection of "Certified Daddies" with verified incomes, occupations, education levels and even ages and photos so you know they're legitimate sugar daddy material before you even reach out.

Totally worth it - after all, it's free for sugar babies.

The above 3 are our absolute top picks for the best free sugar daddy sites currently out there - but as you probably know, there are tons and tons of sugar daddy websites and many of them are free...so why not register for a few more?

If you want to get your profile in front of as many sugar daddy eyes as possible (which you should!) - here are 2 more great, free for sugar babies websites to sign up for!


Sugar Sugar used to charge sugar babies for membership, but recently they've realized the error of their ways and it is now COMPLETELY free for all sugar babies. This is one of the bigger sugar dating sites on the Internet and growing larger every day.

The search functions are not as sophisticated as the 2 sites listed above, but Sugar Sugar offers a really simple and effective Google Map view of the sugar daddies in your area. This allows you to view their profile picture and their distance from you. Pretty useful.

No harm in trying it out. As mentioned earlier, it's 100% FREE for sugar babies.


Okay, this isn't your average sugar dating site - it's a dating site for millionaires. 

But it definitely warrants checking out.

Why? It's free to sign up. And it has a membership base of around 2.5 million. Best part? Many of their members are certified millionaires. 

In short - there's no reason not to check it out. Signup is free and the men on this site definitely have sugar daddy potential. ​