How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

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Good one year dating anniversary ideas How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Good one year dating anniversary ideas What To Get Her For Your Anniversary, From Three Months to Three Years How To Celebrate Your Anniversary - AskMen

Play this celebration as a toast to the future rather than one to the past.
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Does your better half complain that you never celebrate your anniversary properly? Women often look to anniversaries to commemorate and appreciate your time together, so the least you can do is try to get on board (check out for specific gift ideas).

It's also important to keep in mind that are different in a relationship and after marriage — not all anniversaries are created equal. While you might celebrate monthaversaries early on in a relationship, this is definitely not the norm after getting hitched. Indeed, different anniversaries call for different types of celebrations. But you don't have to plan for weeks to have a great celebration; you just have to do two things: Remember the date (yes, mark it in your calendar) and heed my advice for some fabulous tips on planning that perfect night.

1- The three-month anniversary (dating)

What it means: For most couples, the three-month mark is the time to realize that they're headed for a committed relationship. So, you can approach this celebration as your opportunity to mutually acknowledge your commitment to each other.

What you should do: You can opt for the traditional meal out. Pick a snazzy place and get yourself looking sharp. Remember: Play this celebration as a toast to the future rather than one to the past. Or as an alternative to the regular dinner, consider . Take her to a comedy show or a concert that she'll like; this way, you can spend time together without too much seriousness. (Note: Three months is the earliest you should celebrate. Celebrate any earlier and you may come off as a little overeager.)

2- The one-year anniversary (dating or marriage)

What it means: The one-year mark signifies that you've overcome the beginning stages of a relationship and you still want to be together beyond that. From her perspective, she'll see the day as a time to remember all your "firsts" together (first date, first kiss, etc.).

What you should do: Pull out the cheesiness and get sappy for your lady. This celebration is a pure homage to your year spent together. One good way to mark it as such is to build it around mementos of your time together — drink the same wine you had on your  or listen to the same CD you had playing the first time you kissed. Also, show her you remember all the fun times you've spent together during the past year by taking her to a great restaurant you've been to or on a picnic somewhere memorable (cheesy, yes, but she'll love it). Or, if you want to go big, consider planning a night or a weekend out of town.

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