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Match.com scams? Used Match for a long time. Had to renew my subscription - did it for 12 months. The ad said "Billed monthly". They charged whole thing at one time. Called them. They said a "Will stay that way lady". Was hard to hear and understand so I just wrote a complaint on their website. We all need to do the right thing but they deserve it.

Made the mistake of trying their Match service as a guest. I cancelled my profile and I get daily emails about potential matches in my area. The people on Match.com have been there forever and there are no new people of interest. Don't waste your time with this website. Now to see how to get them to quit sending me the daily emails.

This site is a scam. No activity when you pay. The profiles stays the same. I subscribe for their 3 months discount and stop the reoccurring payment. When my subscription was over they still took $81.00 off my credit card. They only said they will refund $29.00 of my money. This is a shame. This site need be investigated. I am so upset right now.

I am a regular consumer who likes to get what I pay for. I spent a considerable amount of time on Match.com not to mention money on their "Match Guarantee" membership. Does anyone know what this means? I consider myself to be relatively intelligent but their "Guarantee" was never met, in fact I never even went on a date or met anyone face to face for that matter. So I have made a second request to Match.com because my first one was never answered. I will keep you posted because I am kind of pissed because I am not the type that likes to waste time and money.

This website is a joke. I won't get into the legitimacy of the "daily matches", "winks", or the completely unattractive people on the site compared to the others though. The main reason that I'm upset is that this company did not send me a confirmation email (I've never received one) and I let them know that I canceled at the beginning of Feb. I spoke with 2 separate reps who said they wouldn't refund my money since they could see no cancellation in the account. Actually, the only thing they can do apparently is offer a $20 refund of the $71 that they just charged me! I can use the site for a month for $51.

When I spoke to the customer service rep on the phone, he said that the supervisors were all on phone calls and that I couldn't hold on the phone for them to get off so that they'd speak with me. Instead, they'll call me within 24 hours. Who's ever even heard of that?? Got to be the worst customer service experience I've ever had and I made an account on here JUST to tell you... DON'T DO IT!! Go with the free sites and take your chances there instead of dealing with these people and substandard site.

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This is my second time. NEVER joining Match again, although this time is forever. In addition to the regular nightmares of online dating: My "Who Viewed You" page consistently did NOT show men who viewed my profile. I called THREE times. I wrote THREE emails. I was promised they'd get back in touch. They didn't. I was promised they'd fix it. They didn't. I was promised a supervisor would call me back. Huh; no one called. I was told I was not eligible for a refund. They SUCK!

Beware the unethical con artists that are Match.com. Over a year ago I signed up for 6 months, and 1 year later get billed again for $120. No warning I will about to be billed, and they force you to agree to auto-renewal as a default to even be able to sign up. Common sense and ethics would dictate you should at least be able to reverse the charge if you cancel within a few days after being charged because who is going to remember a year plus later they signed up for auto renewal that long ago?

So I call customer service and offer to issue me a partial refund, half my money back. Weeks later of course I notice no money back in my account. So I call again and they give me some nonsense about PayPal not allowing the transaction and there were “multiple failed attempts” to refund the money. Naturally I call PayPal and discover there were never any attempts to refund my money. Do NOT give these crooks your money. You will get nothing for it and will just end up getting ripped off. Also when I posted this on their Facebook page, instead of ADDRESSING it by replying they repeatedly took it down. So much for free speech.

After wasting my time with free online dating sites, I decided to try a paid website to see if it would be much different. Sadly there are only 2 major online dating companies to choose between, so the choice for which to try was minimal. I ended up choosing Match.com as they offered a reasonable price. Now before I paid for a subscription, I spent about a week seeing what kind of women were using Match.com. During this time, I was getting a ton of email from women who apparently liked or favourited me. However, after subscribing, the number of such emails I received dropped to zero. I found the reason for this, and it’s because in the daily match results, only 1 out of 12 users is a subscriber (I watched this happen for the last 10 days). Seems the daily match results are setup to maximize sending new users lots of emails. But once you're a member, you need to pay extra to get into these daily match results.

Another big problem, is that only 56 woman in my current top 200 "Mutual Matches” are similarly subscribed to Match. The problem with this, is that only people with a subscription can send or reply to messages. In essence what this means, is that I can only realistically message ~25% of my matches, as it would be an even higher chance of the woman not replying if she’s not even a member. Sure, you can pay extra to allow a non-subscriber to reply, but all this means is that Match guarantees getting money for both parties no matter what. Love is hard to find, but Match will just waste your time and money, avoid them if you can.

This company is a complete scam!! Not to mention that they have scammers that proliferate on their website, but they also result to unscrupulous business practices. Once they get your charge card data, they will submit recurring charges that are astronomical. BUYER BEWARE!! They will NOT do anything to reverse these charges!!

The site is terribly set up. The men who are commonly reviewing my profile are upwards of 15-20 years older than me and trying to contact me. I have asked that my match be single never married, without kids, have a Bachelors degree or higher, etc. and am getting ANYTHING but those for matches. I have met a few men in person and those men turned out to be lying somewhere in their profiles and luckily used our coffee date to tell me what they were lying about. I had the site open for 9 months and received nothing but annoying emails from people who didn't match my criteria at all.

I have closed the account due to the number of men that I've contacted (over 200+) who did meet 8 or 9 out of 10 criteria not responding. I have received emails back from 6 out of the 200+ I contacted in my local area. Many of the matches who were trying to contact me were sob stories or people with drug addictions, prison records, no jobs, hadn't finished college, etc. I would email them back and get these sob stories. I would then block them. The site is a big BIG waste of time and money.

A warning to all women who go online to Match.com. Manuel **. I was scammed by this man who was a fake, his location or name could not be found anywhere and when I checked his phone numbers and any contact information I had for him, I couldn't find him - his information to me was all fake. His photos that he sends to you are photoshopped and he even sent me a bank account statement from Bank of America to show me his "worth" that was totally fake $30,000,000.00!

After 3 weeks of phone and text conversations he finally asked me for money. He lied about an international business that he had that but all of he sudden he was stuck in Estonia and broke and he needed $75,000.00. His business seems legitimate with his photograph on the website and detailed information describing his business. If you call the phone number for the business his voice is one the answering machine and it is never picked up by anyone else. He comes on charming and within a week of communication he has "fallen in love" with you without even meeting you! This a warning of a scammer on Match.com and I have had 2 other contacts by men with similar scam material.

Match has been giving me great guys so far. I like the permutations of matches that they give me. I think they have a good way in understanding characters and what makes one happy based on the information you give them. I've gone out with 3 guys so far and all have been wonderful friends. I've only been a member for a short while but I'm already really liking it. I find the website to be very easy to navigate as well. Let's see what happens from here. I'd recommend it. Wish me luck! :).

I gave them my criteria on what I was looking for and they gave me the total opposite. I told them that I did not date outside my race and they gave me people outside my race and called them matches. I need to understand how can they be matches when that is not what I have asked for. This is not what I paid for.

I am certain that Match.com is set up to scam its members to stay hopeful. This has nothing to do with the actual members being scammers and dishonest! Match.com throws B.S. hooks out (winks, "He's interested" emails, etc.). These guys do not exist. I have had winks returned from hot guys that have not registered as even "Viewing" my profile. I also have received winks from guys that were on Match 2 years ago. (Yes, I was on Match a few years ago for a brief period of time.) It was the exact same profile, as before, it was as if this guy was frozen for years. All this guy does is wink. He has winked at my individual pics, he does not respond to my emails. I am super hot so this guy has to be either unaware that he has a floating profile on Match.com, or he must be dead. Beware of fake profiles and "AUTO-WINKS".

My subscription auto-renewed (apparently the default on the settings). I requested a refund when I realized this happened. Apparently this is common and match.com - being the slime balls they are - chatted back to me in 2 seconds that I should read section 12 (or some such thing) of the 'online contract' I clicked through. Skip this service - it sucks anyway.

I read on-line about this FRAUD from hundreds of Match subscribers when they tried to cancel their Match.com account. I can't believe the same this is happening to me! I can't believe they are allowed to operate. You cancel your subscription, they renew you anyway and then refuse to credit their bogus renewal charges. Their customer service call center keeps you on hold forever and they offer a partial refund. IT'S FRAUD. Their site is worthless and no one wants to stay, so they take advantage of having your credit card number. They should be sued and shut down. STAY AWAY from this scam. Match is mostly fake and if I could give them zero stars here I would.

I was on Match.com and I connected with a "so-called Gentleman" from Reno Nevada. We started emailing each other and we got along very well. He said he was an Architect and a Civil Engineer. Along about 3 weeks into the emailing and calling on the phone he said he had to go to Spain to do a job. So he bought his tickets and he called and said he was flying out. When he was free he was coming to Colorado to meet with me. I had his emails and his pictures. Not sure if he was in Spain, but he emailed me and called to say he needed some money? Wrong thing to do, deal breaker. Well to say the least I didn't send any money, but how do these kinds of guys get on there and then act like you're the problem if you don't agree to send money when requested? I think he was a scam artist and I don't think you should allow him back on there. His name is John **.

I have been a member for 2 out of a 6 month subscriptions. I regularly sent notes, winks, and emails to men whom I find attractive. Many have answered back. Some have phoned. I have the feature that allows me to know when one of my messages is read. There are 9 out of about 30 that I have sent that are still unread. These are men whose profile indicated a significant potential match. None of these 9 have opened the message. I am beginning to suspect that these profiles are bogus or are expired subscribers whose info has been left on as bait.

The 800 refund lines were so congested that the first day I called I waited for over 20 minutes before following the recording suggestion to call back on Tuesday when the lines are less congested. I did so. On Tuesday I requested a prorated refund from an offshore call center and you know the rest...no satisfaction. No way to contact anyone onshore. The online help chat wants to know all about my personal computer before they'll chat with me. This has never been a requirement of other online help chats. I not usually suspicious by nature, but I really don't want to aid and abet a hacker. I would NEVER recommend Match.com to anyone. It is not customer-friendly. (I do not have my receipt, but I do have the credit card bill. Unfortunately not able to scan and submit the hard copy.)

I have been off and on Match.com for years. My account was hacked for the second time last night. This time, even though I saw it and changed the password, it was not quick enough, and the hacker directed emails to another account leaving me powerless to get my profile back. This was on a Sunday. Other than Mon-Fri 8-5, there is no customer service, online or phone call available. Their phone recording tells you to call back due to high traffic, and when you are connected, you get a foreigner with no customer service training or information. I just spent two hours on the phone and online chat and they shut my account down as directed, but I am not able to verify any information. I feel like my reputation, image and self-respect are gone.

The person was able to email potential dates under my screen name and now I have to live with that... I had no power to shut it down, and the worst part, is that I verified all my social media to the account as well. It is not acceptable for other online businesses to operate without 24 hour customer support, and here, where a reputation is at stake, this is unacceptable. Although my subscription goes for another 2 months, they would not refund my money due to what happened, and offered no other satisfaction. I would not advise signing up for Match.com until they resolve customer service, and certainly not link it to any other personal information or social media. This has been an awful experience. I am still hopeful about finding my love, but it won't be through Match.

This Match.com really sucks. I am trying to find for me someone in Sydney, Australia but for some reason it's not letting me do that. It keeps going back to overseas when I wanna look for someone here in Sydney. And also another thing I am having problems signing in. I even change my sign in and it still doesn't work. Match.com seriously sucks crap.

Match was really disappointing for me. I joined (and paid the annoyingly high fee) because I assumed that this would be a better, classier experience than what I had experienced with OkCupid a few months prior. I could not have been more wrong! I logged on every day to rate matches and send messages as suggested and received only 3 responses. Additionally, I received ZERO messages that I did not initiate. Hardly anyone "liked" my profile or interacted with me in any other way over a period of weeks.

OkCupid's FREE account, on the other hand, was full of conversation. Guys reached out to me and I reached out to guys (who responded) at a rate that significantly exceeded that of Match.com. I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid through this method and would highly recommend it to anyone. To make matters worse, Match.com auto-renews! So I was just charged again for a service that did not work for me the first time. Customer Service was completely unhelpful. Don't waste your money.

I have been a member of Match.com for about a week. The system has been very difficult for me to navigate. When they send me a match and I click on "show profile" it always says "profile not available". I have been very frustrated. I finally found a number to call and got someone whose first language isn't English, and she was of no help. I got so frustrated with her I told her to cancel my subscription. I of course, have lost my money. I know eHarmony doesn't have good reviews either???

Don't bother with this site. Not sure how they are still online and not been contacted by some government entity. They are a complete scam. Fake winks, emails, etc. Please don't give them your credit card information. That's what they want so they can continue to charge you. Eventually you will need to contact your bank and cancel your credit card to get rid of them. Run from this site...

I clicked on an option to sign up for one month. When the payment processed I learned it was for three months - $78. I emailed three times to ask to have it cancelled and refunded. I never received a response. I called a couple times, but was left on hole for an extraordinary amount of time. Then three months later I find a charge for another three months. Auto-renewal. Not something I signed up for. I called. And called. And called. Sat on hold for ages. Then I used the chat function. I was offered a partial refund... $31 of the $78 I was charged... every time I ask to speak to someone else or get more information, I am told to reference the help page. I think I may not be speaking to a real person to be honest with you. Either way, I cannot believe they are in the business of relationships, which are founded on communication. This is the worst communication I have ever experienced.

On or around March 2015, I took a promotion offer from Match.com for 7 days free trial. After that I forgot about it. I did not realize is that they have my credit cards on file and charged my credit card every six months. Now, I am asking my money back and they won't do it even though can see I never log into their site ever since. So, watch out Match.com promotion. Match.com is a very sneaky company.

It is horrible. Seems I cannot removing the subscription by anyway, either can I remove my credit card information there! Every time I tried to cancel the subscription- no matter how this website show your subscription status, plus actually there is no real cancellation email to your mailbox as they say in the confirmation webpage (BE CAREFUL, THIS IS A PURPOSEFUL ACTION TO HIDE EVIDENCE)- it finally turns out cancellation is not successful. It is super creepy that they bind your credit card and you cannot remove your credit card information from their website!!!

If I could go without any stars I would. Match commercials are fake (only using actresses and no real people). Match services are fake, and the one person that spoke to me was an identity thief. I have been a member of Match not once but twice. The first experience when I was in Arizona was that I kept getting fake winks or likes from people that either had no account or closed accounts. But after the whole Match happenings, I gave them another chance here in Nashville.

Well, the Match events was a person meeting you at the door, saying hello and leaving you to your own in a bar. No way of knowing if anyone from Match even showed up. I only stayed because I met folks from Meetup there and hung out with them. Once again I had the SAME experience of getting activity from people that do not exist or accounts closed. This is their way of getting people to pay them money. "Oh a cute woman likes me, but I cannot read what she wrote, so I'll become a member and see what she says". What happens next is a) they get money, b) the message was a single line and finally c) she never responds to my messages to her (if the account even exists). Lately most were closed accounts and the message says "sorry that person no longer exists or moved on." DO NOT USE.

What a website! Automatic renewals and full of profiles which are old and not in use... For some reason, they store credit card details, and according to their 'policy', customers' consent to automatic renewals when they buy the first subscription. There is no option to cancel the credit card info from your account. The so-called 'matches for you' emails always include women who are out of your preferences/filter criteria. My honest advice is to stay away from this site. Women say that the site is full of weirdos and guys (including me) say that it is full of freeloading women.

I have made four profiles on Match.com. They have censored all of them for trying to tell everyone I am not a subscriber. Nothing profane or any other person would find objectionable. People might not pay for the service if they knew I was not a subscriber. They make money off my profile getting people to sign up even though they will not be able to contact me.

After four tries of rewording my 1200 character profile to tell people this in words Match could accept. They deleted my whole profile description and put up "Profile Not Complete" and then blocked me from rewriting it. Heavy punishment censorship. I had no choice but start another profile. I think they do nothing about criminal scammers. I think we need laws protecting society from criminal management. They lure people in and take their money. I think it is a scam.

I had a 3-month subscription and within that time, I was not able to connect or respond to ANY of the so-called incoming e-mails, "likes", and "favorite" alerts from potential interested men. Every time I received an e-mail from Match that a subscriber was interested, as soon as I clicked on his profile to read about him, his profile was blocked. Even if I responded immediately, his profile was blocked so I couldn't reply back. If I wanted to reply to an e-mail from a subscriber, Match had a "make certain they receive your e-mail" icon next to the send button. You had to pay an extra $30 to ensure the e-mail was sent. E-mails were a part of the subscription as communication which I had already paid for.

When I contacted Match via chat online, (they don't have a direct contact number) they said the men were probably not subscribers and only they were allowed to contact me. I thought the service was about subscribers contacting each other for a love match. Why would Match allow some random stranger without a profile to contact me at all? I believe all the profiles are fake. Just a tactic to keep you subscribed to pay them money. NOT ONCE was I ever able to make a connection. The rude operator told me it was my fault. I won't get a refund either. Can't the government put an end to these outright scams??

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Match.com is one of the biggest and best-known online dating sites in the United States. It has been helping singles find partners since 1995, it now serves people in over 24 countries with sites in 15 different languages.

  • Profiles may include several photos: Users can provide photos of themselves in various settings as well both full-length photos and headshots to provide the most accurate information about themselves for potential matches.
  • Advanced search algorithm: Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find.
  • Anonymous email network: Users can email potential matches through Match.com's own messaging service, allowing them to keep their identities and contact info private until they are ready to share it
  • Partners with sites in various countries: Match.com partners with personal ad sites in several countries so that international users can find their perfect match.
  • Profiles are screened before being posted: Match.com staff screens profiles and photos before posting to ensure only appropriate information makes it onto the site.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

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