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This site is ok, and I got a free period as a goodwill gesture, but I feel that the interface needs improving, it is a bit clunky and the website not easy to navigate

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    I signed up to Smooch 6 years ago and within 1 week I deactivated my account. The guy that had sent me a quick message in that time was the same guy I married last year.
    There will always be a percentage of people who have false profiles, on this site and on every other site (they obviously don't get the attention they crave for at home).
    Be patient; there are genuine people on there, you've just got to find them!
    I'm sure the site may have changed over the years, but it certainly worked for us!

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      I have not really, taken, the dating at all seriously, and indeed, I wonder why, I filled in my particulars, I have a number of issues, with on line dating sites, the biggest, problem for me is, THE TEAM?......... They read your messages, send you the most unsuitable hook ups, (partners) whatever....... you like to address, these humans, they make me turn off,
      completely, so I guess what I am trying to say, on-line dating is not for me. and the constant bugging, bestowed, on you, to join up for membership. These dating sites should monitor, carefully, the objects,
      who sign up.

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        Find it very hard to navigate and understand since it was revampted sometime ago cosiquently I hardly ever visit these days

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          There have been so many changes to Smooch over the years that I've used the site, none of which have been for the better!

          I refuse to pay to use dating sites - my experience of paid for dating sites resulted in me being contacted by a scammer. So, I refuse to pay for the 'extra benefits' the Smooch site alleges to offer.

          Also, I hate the way that, once logged in, this site takes you to the chat room. Why for heaven's sake?!

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            I found that a lot of the male users just want to text. Most dont turn up when they have adked to meet. Ive been on a few dates where the man as turn up and they have been nice but thats all. I find the amount of message not enough to really chat.

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              the site itself is really good just some the folk on it just to find one decent ,honest person is a mammoth struggle

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                An easy to use dating website and app, what more do you need apart from the perfect partner, which maybe only a webpage away.

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                  Smooch is fine but limited to vanilla folk, should be more inclusive of alternative lifestyle's, and i don't mean that naughty smooch which is basically full of fakes, so far smooch is Average for me but, i think other free site's have bigger more eye catching intro's Smooch just seem's to have your name if your lucky!

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                    I find smooch, a place where nice ladies go, not like some of the basic sites, they are polite and friendly, keep up the good work Don

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                      After really thinking about my profile and being as honest as I could, requesting no one living further then 50 miles and that I use a stick, 99 per cent of men who contacted me lived more then 100 miles away and after reading their profile 80 per cent wanted someone thin, who liked keep fit, camping etc and who had a job. If they had read my profile before contacting me then they would have realised there was no point. It also does not stop men contacting you even though they live a lot further then I could travel which means most men are out of reach. Am very disappointed with my experience.

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                        I like it that you can openly chat with women and also make personal exchanges one to one.

                          26 year old guy dating 2year old

                          I seem to attract men I find unattractive and the men I find attractive don't seem to respond. There seem to be a lot of married men just looking for fun, which seems unfair when I am looking for a partner. Time wasters and liars but sometimes a gem amongst the dross!

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                            It was where i met my partner but dated quite a few from here as its easy to use

                              Article on speed dating reviews london

                              I think smooch is a great site met some lovely ladies on hear.

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                                A lot of men on here can be very misleading ,you need to be careful about giving phone numbers out as I found out .

                                  Cause of interracial dating sites uk

                                  Love this site. Does what it's supposed to do unlike other sites well done to the team who manage it

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                                    I joined Smooch a few years ago but sadly have never been out on a date with anyone.
                                    Not enough local people on here but my friend met & is now married to someone she met on here who lived an hour away at the time.
                                    It does feel a much more quality site than the awful 'Plenty of fish!'
                                    I refuse to pay to be on any dating sites or buy 'coins' to boost my profile.
                                    I do think that women should have unlimited access to being on the 'star bar' as I've noticed an increase of messages which could potentially increase my chance of meeting someone & therefore lead to me promoting your site & more people joining.....therefore boosting your membership.
                                    After all.....life is too short not to share life's adventures with someone special, so come on Smooch.....give us more free time on the 'Star Bar!'.......Please.....👍😃

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                                      Would like to get proper mail rather been told I'm smoochable

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                                        Smooch is the one dating website I've stayed on constantly. Others I've tried over the past year have had too many bad points.