Oct 03 2013

Online dating when to go exclusive Citas en linea veracruz When Should Online Dating Relationships Turn Exclusive?


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Is it time to get exclusive?

The rise in popularity of online dating has led to more dating choices than ever for singles, while also blurring the lines of traditional dating protocols.

Online dating websites, like Gluten Free Singles encourage both men and women to cast a wide net. Most online daters message multiple prospects with the understanding that only a portion will respond back. It is common for both men and women to keep up online dialogues with several prospects at a time. After all, if your goal is to establish a relationship with a gluten-free partner, then you’ll be more likely to find a good candidate if you chat with six people over the course of a month rather than just one. What happens if you stick with one person and then have a horrible first date? You’ve just spent a month with nothing to show for it.

Things start to get a little dicey when online banter moves to offline dating. How many dates should you accept from a single individual until it’s no longer acceptable to be chatting online with other prospects? What happens if you go on three first dates and like each prospect? How do you know that a dating partner you like isn’t also testing out several individuals at the same time?

It can be extremely difficult to know when you should cut off communication with the rest of your prospects to focus one growing one promising relationship.

In other words, when should you go exclusive?

Some people choose, for simplicity’s sake, to only engage in offline dates with one person at a time. Many others, however, maintain several relationships in various stages (some online, some offline) to try and increase their options and their odds of hitting the relationship jackpot.

There is no strict right or wrong way to play the online dating game; no specific rules that dictate when a relationship must turn exclusive. The key, as always, is communication and honesty.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you have gone on three dates with the same person (and especially if your relationship has turned intimate), it is a good idea to speak honestly and openly about whether or not you want to the relationship to turn exclusive. You don’t want to assume that your partner is exclusive to you when they are still playing the field (or vice versa).

These things need to be ironed out. If you want to go exclusive, then speak up! If the answer is “no”, then you have a choice. Either you accept that your partner isn’t willing to settle down quite yet (which may allow you to keep playing the field), or you can break things off and jump back into the online gluten-free dating pool.

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