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  • Robyn

    Very informative…had heard of all of them except Mary Well……thanks!

  • Mandy

    This was wonderful to read and helpful as I am praying about joining an online dating site.  Everything was very informative and gave great insight on which site to choose.  Thanks!

  • I’m sorry… but Christian Mingle is TERRIBLE. It’s so lame compared to eHarmony and Match. I’ve had a really bad experience with it… mainly because it does nothing more than allow you to set up a profile and wait.

    I’d stick with the two big ones – eH and Match.

    Although, I have heard GREAT things about Marry Well!!!  It’s more like a community for singles… less like a matching site.

    •  Hey Ruth, The Christian Mingle Review was posted today. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section. We’d love to hear what you have to say about it. 🙂

    • Robbied1202

      CH allows you to look at as many profiles as you want…if you are sitting and waiting you shouldn’t be. You’re not using the options they give you! .eH allows you to do NOTHING!

    • terry

      One has to be patient, prayerful and wait. I know a woman who waited four years and is marrying a God loving, serving, Christian man who initiated contact and pursued her on Christian Mingle. I too am inquiring about more details about Marry Well. But here’s another question I have for SingleRoots and all of you, in terms of where does God want us to invest His money which we are stewards of…Why would a supposed Christian organization like singleroots encourage
      followers of Christ to support EHarmony when money sent to them will
      support Homosexual “dating” branch of EHarmony? ….

      • Candid camera

        That statement makes me want to throw up and you sound totally ignorant about homosexuality. Miss perfect do they have a section for you because you are flawless without sin. I suppose you don’t allow to be served by homosexuals restaurant because you might support their living. Judgmental creep.

        • Jonathan Wade

          Hey Candid Camera. Remember, God destroyed two cities because of homosexuality. God will forgive a homosexual as long as that person repents and turns away from that lifestyle. However to say that God will allow a homosexual into heaven purely unwise. Your choice heaven or homosexuality but not both.

        • Nyte

          Well, at least you grant that homosexuality is behavior acknowleged as error. That’s s start.

  • Curious if any Single Roots bloggers would be open to share their experiences with online dating sites? 

    • We’re in the process of reviewing each site individually. 🙂

      • Looking forward to it!!

      • So where are your individual reviews? Inquiring minds want to know. : )

        • Hi Theresa, on the chart above, there are links to the individual reviews of each site. We’ll add one new site each month. Hope that helps! 🙂

          • Paula

            Have you beard of or checked out ChrisfianLove.com?

  • Hannah Q

    I’d have to disagree with the eHarmony recommendation, especially if you don’t like to “set up a profile and wait”…a profile which consists of about 400 questions.

    Match.com is great for Christian dating, but I’d personally prefer more specialized sites – Christian Mingle isn’t great, but I’ve heard Christian Cafe and Big Church are great. There’s also another one mentioned here that I might check out once I get more serious – Equally Yoked. Currently, I’m trying out the first one I found on this reviews page:

    Singles of Faith, and it’s going quite well. I especially like the fact that the site is Christian owned and operated.

    • Jess

      I think it also depends on your location. If you live in the US, great! It’s not so widespread here in Canada 🙁
      I’ve had no luck with any of the above sites, so I’m going to try to meet people the old-fashioned way for now!

  • Micah6v8

    You way want to update your info on eHarmony, as closing a match has been changed to blocking. (Though I am using the beta of their new interface, so that change may be part of those features that aren’t activated for everyone yet.)

    There is one major flaw I’ve found with Christian Mingle, which is their “church you grew up in” and “church attending” system. You can only filter matches by the former. I assume most people (like me) care much more about where you are now than where you were. You could have grown up atheist, or in a cult for all I care, as long as you know Jesus now. I’m always amused by how many people mark “church I grew up in” as “not sure yet”, an answer that I assume is rarely accurate but likely a result of people trying to compensate for the strange filtering system.

    One site you might look at later is okcupid.com – it’s completely free and one of my best friends found his wife on there. While not targeted at Christians, there question system really seems to weed out people better than others I’ve tried. Eharmony makes the mistake of highlighting questions where your answers match, while okcupid lets you specify the answers you’ll accept, and rate their importance when used for matching. For example, a question like “would you prefer to be the person initiating communication” would be treated by the two systems very differently. On okcupid you could say “accept ‘no’ or ‘either way is fine’, and the answer is only a little important.” On eharmony it would highlight that you both said “I MUST initiate!” as compatibility. And on okcupid it’s also possible to go straight to “unacceptable answers”, and see if there are any non-starters. Plus you can re-answer a question right in the results, very convenient when their answer makes you realize you marked something wrong.

  • Clev

    Christian Mingle, is an ok site, but I find that their matching system is flawed. They often give you matches that don’t really coincide with your match criteria. I set my match criteria and set much of it to “very important” and they often give me matches that don’t match my criteria at all. (I’m not trying to write a rant, so if it sounds like one then I apologize.) I’ve been a member of the site for almost a year now, and have decided to stop my membership, because the site doesn’t often serve the purpose and it seems that most of the people on the site don’t are just trying it because someone talked them into it and so they have a profile on the site but that’s about it or they claim to be just looking for friends. The site is mostly frustrating because you can hardly get any one to respond to an email, or any other form of communication.

    • Jess

      yep, I experienced the same thing

      • Clev

        It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

    • Bebe

      Christian mingle is a racist and discriminative site. They systematically black Haitian IP address. It’s frustrating knowing they call themselves Christians.

  • Greg

    okcupid is great and completely free!

    • Sarah

      I have found that there are a lot of people on their after casual sex. Def not something that we are after as Christians

  • Glory

    I am a member of christianmingle right now, I am in Calgary , when i got in, now I find out there are very few members in my city, and all the mails from states. So, it seems a waste of money.

  • The best one is

  • No way eHarmony, match, pof or okcupid
    Completely free one is droidmsg.com

  • HonestJohn

    I’m a Christian but after 2 months of being on 2 sites (Christian Mingle and ChristianConnection) I’ve found a big problem with it all. I’m what you call ‘Just Christian’. Though once a regular church goer, my attendance has dwindled to several appearances a year due to work and other issues, but I lead my life based on God’s principles, regularly pray for others and generally try to be a nice guy. I’ve had a lot of interest from people in my 2 months on these sites and have got to know a few people and been on 3 dates. I probably tick most peoples boxes (or so I’ve been told) of being quite good looking, own house, car, financially solid, good sense of humour, over 6′ tall, funny, like walks in the countryside but also like going to a rock gig and I’m accepting of just about anyone. However here is the problem with Christian dating sites. Most people on them hang their colours to a particular church/denomination. Even having been on a date and someone verifying that you tick all of their boxes, if you aren’t ‘into it’ as much as these people think you should be then you aren’t what they are looking for. Likewise if you attend a church that is not currently the same church as the other person attends then they aren’t interested. The other person could have had a string of marriages/partners, be covered in tattoos, have drunk like a fish, smoked like a chimney and taken every drug under the sun, if they have now joined a church in the last few years or even months and are now what they consider a ‘born again Christian’ then they will think you aren’t good enough for them because you’ve accepted your sins and mistakes and learnt by them, rather than brushed them under the carpet, put on a new uniform and forgotten that you ever did anything wrong.

    Another thing with Christian dating sites, it’s a bit like going on a website for football supporters. Everyone shares the same fondness of the game but there’s no way a Liverpool fan is going to convince a Manchester United fan to start attend Man U’s home games at Old Trafford with them.

    It does not surprise me at all to hear that Christian dating sites have statistically the lowest success rate of all dating sites in generating meaningful relationships. I would also add that while it’s hard enough to have all the basic set of requirements a partner is looking for, on a Christian site you will need all of them just to get yourself any interest whatsoever. After that expectations will hit full throttle and if you get as far as a date then to get a second one you will need to be looking for a considerable amount of assistance from the Lord himself.

    While I needed to witness it myself I had heard all the exact same concerns from friends who had tried these sites and also from the people I have talked to and met on the site. One who is absolutely gorgeous and who said she liked everything about me and had a wonderful date, but who was very much not a Christain till recently, doesn’t want a second date because she wants to go in a diffferent direction in her life to what she has been going before and wants all the qualities I have but someone who preferably attends the same church and also who has never sinned in their life, unlike she has. She has been on the site for over a year and has had several dates with people before but never a second. Other people I have chatted to on the site they too have been on the site over a year in some cases and have had a handful of dates but never more than one.

    In addition you get the usual problems of people putting photos on the site that look nothing like the person, Russian (more likely Nigerian) scammers and all the other fascinating problems you get with internet dating! With ChristianMingle I’ve even heard of many people who have had their profiles deleted without any notification because apparently they have become corrupted!

    One other thing, on the Christian sites you will find a lot of ‘holier than thou’ types. They are totally unaccepting of anybody unless they think, believe and act in the way that they do! Bit of a concern really since they are supposed to be Christian!!!

    Save your money folks. Go on a regular dating site, but tick the Christian box. Put a bit in your profile (not too much I suggest) about your basic Christian beliefs and the qualities you are looking for in someone. Then be realistic about the people you find on there. Nobody is perfect and if you do find another Christian then great, but if he doesn’t want to join the same church as you or go to church 10 times a week, then cool, its good to have a few differences. Perhaps you’ll take it in turns and go to their church one week and yours the next or give it time and the two of you may find a church together you like.

    I’ve spent a fair bit of time putting this together but I really hope I’ve helped someone to avoid wasting their money like I have. I should have just taken my friends word for it in the first place about what these sites are like. It isn’t just the money but you’ll leave the site feeling a lot worse about yourself as a person and start thinking there will never be anyone for you out there! Don’t let this be you…..

    • HonestJohn

      Should just clarify where I said these people had had loads of dates, what I should have made clear was that they had had dates with several different people on the site but never met the same person a second time :).

      • May

        Hi HonestJohn,

        Any luck with dating sites, Christian or otherwise since your last post?

        • Bebe

          Christian Mingle is a racist and discriminative site, they automatically block IP addresses from Haiti. It’s disgusting and frustrating. When you contact them, they don’t reply because you’re from Haiti

          • HonestJohn

            Sorry to hear that Bebe, nothing surprises me with them.

          • Michael Lewis

            Where can i find true love???

        • HonestJohn

          Hi May,
          I’ve given up for the time being due to other stuff going on in my life lol. How about you?

      • Miz

        Hi honest John, hope you still around to get this as you seem a decent bloke just wanting to meet someone you can share life with. I’m single but not tried dating sites as I believe in God but left organized religion sometime ago so I’ve almost given up meeting a believer that is like me. The thought of joining a dating site filled me with lots of doubts and from the sound of your experience I think they are justified. I am far from perfect but know that’s why I depend on His Grace. God loves me & you!!! hopefully we will find a special someone who we can click with in every aspect of our lives. Keep smiling and enjoy life to the fullest!!!

    • Roseline Wright

      Honest John, thanks for your comments.Was looking for a site for my cousin to join but am going to drop the idea.

      • Norm

        Good idea :). Those 2 Christian sites are awful.

    • Bebe

      Christian Mingle is a racist and discriminative site, they automatically block IP addresses from Haiti. It’s disgusting

    • Renee Leonard

      I just found your post and must say that you are right. That is why there are so many christian that are single. I know people do not like when I speak the truth about dating christians. I am a follower of christ also. but some of our brethern do not know how to show the love of Christ and you are better off with out them anyway. They are full of games and gimmicks and they do not know what they want. I find that if you follow the teaches of Christ instead of playing church, people would enjoy one another more. I realize where there are two or three gathered in His name there Jesus is in the midst. I am the type of person that can go and worship our Heavenly Father with all my brethern. The problem is that the people are afraid to say what they really feel. On these sites they all are trying to get busy; but they want to do it undercover. They want to use God to get what they want which is the same thing that non-christian men and women want. The people that would not go out on a second date with you will probably alway be single. The one’s that have that holyer than thou attitude, the only man that would be good enough for them is Jesus; so they can wait until Jesus comes back to marry Him.

  • Elena Dariya

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  • Jason

    Well, all of my well meaning brothers and sisters in Christ decided to get me a “gift subscription” to eharmony. I just sign up, and brother man is gonna pay for it. I am such a catch evidently! I have tons to offer! I have everything going for me, and so many people are shocked that I am single!

    Only one problem. I take that test for eharmony and I get a rather unpleasant result:

    I am unable to be matched according to them. I “failed” their preschool-level personality battery. They actually reject people? Wow. Just call me Charlie Brown!

    Actually, so I don’t “feel” bad they told me that they are unable to match over 35% of the people who try and sign up. This is no reflection on me evidently, but I really feel kinda…..well, useless.

    So now I gotta tell my brothers and sisters in Christ (who know me) that I am not “good” or “nice” enough for eharmony. It will be kind-of an embarrassment, I have to admit. Funny though, I hear such terrible things about the place, with liars, scammers, and “untrue” photos……….but I am deemed “not a good fit” for them.

    All I can say is “good grief” at this point. pray for me please.

    • Carla

      Take heart, Jason. This doesn’t mean that you’re “not good enough,” but instead that you are a complex thinker who doesn’t fit easily into a given box of beliefs. Here’s a fantastic blog that describes the process (and pitfalls): It’s lengthy, but an easy and humorous read. If you want the bottom line, skip to the end where the author describes her conversation with Neil Clark Warren. Hang in there…and maybe try one of the other sites! 🙂

  • Todd G.

    I recently closed my
    Christian Mingle account, which is owned by Spark Networks. I discovered a
    partner dating site launched by the same company (Spark Networks), which
    provides dating options for gays and lesbians called Spark.com At a time when
    Godly marriage is under serious attack, it is shear compromise when Christians support
    a company that endorses, and facilitates, Homosexual relationships.

    I know that some will rationalize their participation with Christian Mingle,
    but if we were talking about a different scenario, such as abortion clinics
    providing low cost physicals to Christian women, would you go there? I believe
    that, as Christians, we need to take a stand against companies who labor to
    blur the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, while using Christian
    dollars to do it.

  • Jay

    I’m looking for love

  • Nice comprehensive list!

  • k.j.

    Have had experience where a on a dating site

    the person was from a different country and

    not from the one that was posted in the person’s profile.

    On another site it was difficult to get reply’s back from

    other members on the dating site.

    Did a profile questionnaire only to find out my answers didn’t

    line up and agree with what the dating web site profile criteria.

    It’s a cleaver marketing scheme on any such dating site

    whether it be christian or non christian to say that in their

    tag line when they tell about their web site that are “free”

    when you sign up. They just want to lure you in just enough

    into their site for you to agree to sign up and fill out their

    site’s profile info only to for you later to learn

    ‘oh by the way, we want you to pay “$X.XX” to continue

    your membership per month and or year.’

    If a person does choose to sign up before just scrolling down

    on the page(s) just by checking the ‘I agree button’ and or

    ‘sign me up button’ really a person does need to read the

    sites member agreement thoroughly and completely understand

    what they are getting into by when they submit their payment,

    personal information, and pictures.

    People now days are and can be deceitful by saying their one thing

    when they are really completely not whether it be by words that they

    type and or pictures that they post.

    While there are only a small few sectors of people who are truthful

    and honest it seems that is getting rarer with each passing moment.

    With the advent of mass multimedia, computer forging of pictures and

    documents certain person’s can hide their identity and information by

    electronic masquerading one’s self.

    Do research and know what your getting yourself into before agreeing

    to any electronic document online.

    Also that goes for any website that advertises themselves to be so called

    “free trial”, “free membership”, “free enrollment”, “free download”

    from experience they are not. If a person were to try to do anything of

    so called free on the web your running the risk of getting a link to another

    page and or web site or the site has been discontinued, getting just a bunch of coded information that you can’t do nothing with, getting spam, getting computer worms and virus’s, getting hacked, identity theft.

    While being truthful and honest it seem like that’s getting rarer and certain christian

    values are becoming polluted by the secular society by either becoming watered down,

    edited to fit personal beliefs or current social norms and considered by many as old fashion or out dated.

    Certain sections of christian’s are becoming more and more worldly mind set in believes and values instead of be a christ centered individual’s. While no one is perfect how ever if person says that their a christian does their actions match up with what they say and what they do. If so they are walking the walk and talking the talk.

    While wanting to believe people and take them at their words, actions and deeds

    it’s difficult now day’s to find people that are of the like minded, similar beliefs,

    same values, trust worthy, faithful, honest, kind, warm hearted, similar christian beliefs.

    While their maybe certain dating web sites were a small segment does link up and connect single people and they do get married. Get to know the other person and

    get spiritual counseling and guidance before deciding if the other person is the

    mister or misses right one for you. It might take awhile timing and patience when doing self analysis are needed to avoid self rushing to advance beyond one’s self can either hurt others and harm the person that’s moving too quickly.

    When the following three above things are done, thus, what to do about them.

    a person either does nothing, a person does something,

    a person goes out and follows through with what was learned.

    When a person does nothing all the the time, all the advice,

    and all the answers are meaningless.

    thus, it would have better off not doing anything at all to begin with.

    When a person does something the moments spent searching,

    the time getting knowledge, the time finding out where just only half way;

    either by doing starting and stopping


    doing by nothing then moving and later not finishing.

    thus, for what good is it to do something only half way

    if a person is not going to finish

    and or

    when a person gets motivated but when the going

    gets tough the person gives up and quits because it’s

    too hard and or difficult to move on.

    all that effort has gone to waste and why did the person

    want get up and accomplish anything at all.

    To patiently wait on others first and ask questions from the other person in the mean while to formulate and discern when the best equal timing to move forward.

    Knowing how long to wait and the timing of when to proceed are a crucial key with anything a person does or says. While actions speak louder than what a person says. a person either acts on their words first by saying whats on their mind then

    goes about doing what they said they would do; or a person goes about doing what they want to do assuming and hoping that the out come of what their trying to accomplish will be the same as if they had come back and asked first the person if that’s the question they wanted to find the answer to.

    While things and life changes as situations various in their location of

    place and time certain base underlining factors are used as if a person

    were to build on a solid foundation to a build on a context and a

    premise to advance thoughts, ideas, spoken words, typed comments,

    written words, chooses, decisions, life’s directions.

    Thus, the spiritual aspects are vital as well for our timing is not always the right one’s

    in certain key moments of our life’s events. To patiently wait for the moment to arrive

    can either be difficult or rewarding depending on the circumstance in a person’s life. doing research, getting guidance and asking questions to a person’s finding, learning and to get answers helps while waiting. known where, who and what to ask may and

    will vary on what a person is wanting to know, who to talk to and what a person is trying find out about.

    When a person knows when to wait and when to move is able to be patient and listen known speak carefully and answer correctly to ask thoughtful questions to be spiritually well rounded to have a kind heart a giving spirit a friendly attitude is gracious with what they have to give is friendly and loving towards others.

    Have doing some thinking as of recently on how current events taking place in a person’s life in how certain choices are made of where the present locations are happing of how either straight forward in reasoning of decision making to move forward to even more complex layers of design of reasoning of rational thought to advance on to vast intricate levels of interweaving planing to proceed with life’s journey.

  • J Lee Harshbarger

    I am surprised this post does not even mention OKCupid. I have been on OKCupid for 2 years and have found that it is very easy to be matched with Christians. They have a number of questions that ask about your faith (i.e. “How many hours a week do you devote to spiritual activity?” and “How important is God in your life?”) that you can be matched on. I have found that nearly all of my matches of 95% or higher are serious Christians like I am. With OKCupid’s extensive question list (most people answer 150-300; some answer more than 1000), I can learn a lot about a person’s faith. For example, in their profile, they may talk about how active they are in church, maybe even a worship leader, and I think, “Great, a devoted Christian!” But then I find on the question, for example, “How many dates do you need before you have sex with someone?”, instead of answering “Only after the wedding,” they may answer “3-5 dates.” Yes, I have seen this quite a bit. Having read about other dating sites (not tried any others yet), I feel confident that OKCupid is the best way to find Christians and know the depth of their faith and how they live it out. And finally…OKCupid is completely free! There is a paid option, but it’s just extras, not essentials like at other sites. You can message anyone and receive messages under the free option. Also there are many filtering options for searches: Choices for “Christian, ” “Catholic,” distance, how long since they last logged in, etc. — again, under the free option. Don’t overlook this excellent source for finding a Christian mate. Especially since it’s free!

    • AW

      Thank you very much for this info J Lee Harshbarger. That questionnaire seems like a bit much, but you really sold me with using those answers to gauge a person’s more realistic way of living.

  • Marie A

    I completely disagree with your choice of e harmony been there and the man that I meant all 4 try to hustle me out out money! They lie and e harmony did nothing about it!

  • Bill Bailey

    I am LDS and 60 and a devote Latter Day Saint (LDS) or Mormon.. I have been married 3 times and all 3 times to women that are not of my faith. This has eventually ended the Union in divorce. We Couldn’t go to the same Church, can’t have the same friends, can’t participate in the Churches Different Activities, can’t use the same Bibles, KJV vs NIV etc.
    I joined LDSPlanet. THEY didn’t care what my Profile said they kept sending me “matched” women that drank, smoked, talked in sexual inuendo that was not appropriate, and just DID NOT MATCH MY PROFILE. Then I found out why. The same group claiming to be LDS had 2 other websites that they were indiscriminately sending me women from, one was an Italian Women Dating Site, (forgot the other), wanting to meet me. And the LDSPlanet site was NOT cheap. You can’t seem to trust anyone these days.

  • Cowgirl

    I am so glad to have found your site. Online dating has always been “against my religion” ha, ha. Sometimes our circles can become so small that I’ve just recently decided to do some research into it…seems so uuuggghhh! While reading all this serious stuff I cracked up when I read your “prayer room” comment in your ‘Where’s the easy button” article…love the humor!

  • I’ve tried a number of dating sites and have found too many fake profiles that lead to more than questionable other sites! Thanks for this list! Here is a newer site I came across in a search –

  • Christina

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  • Emma Back

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  • marry

    Ohh it’s a nice list! WOW! i have tried only (match, eharmony, zooks and ) Now I can try many others dating services! Thanks! It will be interesting to compare them all=)

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  • If your looking for a different kind of dating website altogether you should try this dating website datehero.com

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  • Agape Mingle

    I have had the opportunity of using several online dating sites. I think it is a wonderful method of meeting new friends and potential mates. We have very recently created an online dating community for the spiritually minded christian. Its very new so we are looking to grow it! Our desire is to eliminate or discourage the dishonest from registering. There are a few mechanisms in place but its not fool proof. Our desire is that the community is truly a Christian one!

    We encourage the spiritually minded Christians to register in hopes that real Christian/Spiritual values are adhered to rather than the “Oh yes, I’m a Christian” but I am also a prankster. Please check us out and pray for our continued growth as we attract the “true” Christian Single”. We are agapemingle.com

  • Graham Moorhouse

    If you are a Catholic who takes his faith seriously, i’ve
    discovered this super dating site that not only allows you to join free (so
    that you can have a good look around before committing yourself) but you can
    also down load a free eBook on love and marriage written by one of the greatest
    Catholic philosophers of the twentieth century. Check it out for yourself

  • Graham Moorhouse

    If you are a Catholic who takes his faith seriously, I’ve discovered this super dating site that not only allows you to join free (so that you can have a good look around before committing yourself) but you can also down load a free eBook on love and marriage written by one of the greatest Catholic philosophers of the twentieth century. Check it out for yourself

  • Jennifer

    I don’t see how you can include Eharmony and Match.com as Christian sites. What were your criteria for determining which would be called a Christian site? Married persons posing as single persons are on those sites with no way to weed them out.

  • Nyte

    It might be a good idea to start with a definition of what constitutes Christianity. Contending that Match.com and some others are “Christian” is a fairly loose understanding of Christianity and as such a lot of sites qualify.

    Now because it is a site with lots of members a benefit of having launched by a large internet company in the early days allows it to garner a late data base of users. But Christian — is a bit of a strecth.

    • debbie

      well…I do understand the circumstance of the situation and i will love to meet someone is honest and trustworthy and God fearing man as well

      • Nyte

        Excuse the late response.
        I am not sure you intended to reply to my comment.
        I am unsure what you mean in reference to my comment.

  • Aron

    I am a single mom and have taken a long break from the dating scene. Since I am way into middle age and living in Asia, my chances for a match are slim. Will anyone recommend looking at a match in a different location?

  • Abbey Smith

    I had a very BAD experience with eHarmony and only found after my experience that it was far from uncommon. The have a common practice that even if you have the automatic renewal turned off, it automatically charges your credit card again. They do not offer refunds ever. I did not have a screenshot as proof that I’d turned off the automatic renew, so eHarmony told me I was out of luck. I was able to challenge it through my credit card and eventually got a refund, Uterus it was a hassle.

    As far as the actual matching, I live in the LA area, so I had no shortage of matches, literally hundreds over my 6 month membership. I had a total of 4 return my communication over that time. The vast majority of my matches didn’t purchase a membership so we unable to communicate. Of my 4 matches, only 1 had similar conservative Christian values (like saving sex for marriage only). For how much money I paid for the membership to only come out with just one possibility was so not worth it. Add in their questionable business practices and I recommend everyone to stay away from eHarmony! Search the internet and you will find many similar stories.

  • CRIS

    Could you help me please?

    I created a profile in “christian mingle”, and after some days when I tried to login on site, I received this message:

    “Your account has been suspended by an administrator. Please call our > customer care team (toll free in the USA) at 1-866-660-7924.”

    I sent an e-mail asking about what had happened and they asked to send confidential documents. I thought it is very strange. What do you think about that? May be a scam? PLEASE READ THEIR MESSAGE UNDER!!!

    “In order to assist you with your account, I would need you to confirm you

    > are the account owner. Please reply with the following information:


    > 1. Current location you are trying to access your account from

    > 2. Location listed on your account

    > 3. A copy of a recent, institution issued statement (such as a bank,

    > credit card or utility bill) verifying the billing information entered.

    > 4. A valid, government issued photo ID.


    > Once the documents have been scanned, please reply to this message and add

    > the file as an attachment. Once these documents have been received,

    > reviewed and verified, we would be happy to assist you further. Please

    > note, you can block out account numbers, transactions and balances listed

    > on the statement.



    > Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please let me know if you have

    > any questions.



    > Rachel F

    > =========================


    > We Bring Christian Singles Together.(sm)


  • Godfrey Ngwachi